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Whether you need inpatient mental health and addiction hospitalization or outpatient cognitive health services, Region is ready to help you with professional, therapeutic treatment.


Ready to Help You Find Treatment

Mental illness can affect a person’s mood, thinking and behavior. In our outpatient programs, we treat the following illnesses:

Our program begins with a mental and physical health assessment. Based on that assessment and our patient’s personal needs, our team will recommend a treatment plan that typically includes a combination of talk therapy, holistic therapies, peer-to-peer support groups and medication management.


Ready to Respond to Crisis

If a patient is in crisis, our team at Regions Behavioral Hospital is ready to respond to their needs. Empathy and compassion are key to patient outcome. If a patient is feeling like they may harm themselves or others, or having psychiatric episodes that keep them from being able to function on their own, Regions can provide the resources they need to stabilize. We will work closely with the patient to develop a long-term plan to help them get back on track.


Ready to Reset

Regions’ outpatient staff is committed to helping our patients establish healthy daily habits by replacing destructive patterns of behavior with patterns and beliefs that can help them reclaim the life they deserve. Though every patient is different, their dignity matters. At every level, Regions’ staff is committed to honoring our patients’ dignity with compassionate and professional care.


Restore Your Hope

Regions Behavioral Health’s advanced programs encourage long-term, successful management of physical, emotional and cognitive health. We support patients by providing group and individual therapies, medication management and mental health education. Families and referral sources also receive regular updates on each patient’s progress and treatment, allowing them to provide additional support to aid long-term recovery and healing.

For Patients

When the connections between your thoughts and your actions are causing distress to yourself or others, there is help available.

For Parents & Loved Ones

Watching someone you love struggle with mental health issues is difficult. At Regions, we understand this and work with families so there can be healing for everyone involved.

For Healthcare Professionals

Our goal is your goal—to give each individual the best possible chance to restore balance to their life. We are committed to providing the highest level of individualized care in a safe and nurturing environment.

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