Addiction Treatment

Regions Behavioral Health understands the complex needs of individuals navigating through substance abuse and co-occurring mental health conditions. Our approach emphasizes the importance of medical detoxification for alcohol and/or drug use for patients with mental health issues requiring hospitalization, followed by tailored treatments designed to target both addiction and underlying mental health concerns. Regions Behavioral Health is dedicated to providing accessible, clinical care for individuals seeking a path towards lasting recovery and wellness.

Dual Diagnosis Treatment

Treating individuals who have co-occurring disorders, such as alcohol dependency and/or substance use disorders along with mental health conditions. Dual diagnosis treatment integrates strategies to address both issues simultaneously. Individuals with underlying mental health issues may require medical detoxification from addictive substances. To be properly assessed and treated, a medical detox for alcohol and/or drug use is often imperative to begin appropriate treatment for behavioral health issues.

Substance Abuse Treatment

Region’s Intensive Outpatient Program (IOP) for substance abuse provides expert care and clinical services, making addiction rehab services more accessible and convenient for a wider range of individuals in need.

Our IOP counselors and doctors work together to create plans that fit each person’s specific alcohol and addiction issues in order to give each individual their best chance of success for long term recovery.

Clinical Leadership & Expertise

The foundation of quality alcohol and addiction services at Regions comes from our experienced team of professionals who have made it their priority to improve the lives of each patient battling chemical dependency with compassion and empathy. Our multidisciplinary staff includes:

Registered Nurses

Intake Specialists

Licensed Practical Nurses

Masters-Level Social Workers


Psychiatric Nurses

Behavioral Health Technicians


Regions Behavioral Hospital Medical Director and Psychiatrist, Dr.Khan meeting in session

Recreational Therapists



A Respected Reputation

I went in expecting the worst but ended up up having the best experience I could have ever imagined. I’m so thankful for the staff.
Regions offered my son a variety of helpful programs after he was discharged so he could continue in his recovery treatment. Regions has certainly made a difference in our lives.
Regions is my go-to when I need a patient mentally stabilized before they admit to substance abuse treatment. They are the best!
Scotty Higginbotham, MSSA
Healthcare Professional

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